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Rubber necklaces

Rubber necklaces don't bounce, but they definitely impress with vivid color and dynamic shapes. These are extremely light and comfortable. All rubber pieces were hand-cut, punched, and shaped. Every necklace features an easy on/off secure toggle clasp.

Wood bead necklaces

Wood beads are anything but boring when shape and composition meet hand-painting. Each bead is unique, with subtle variations that add a lot of interest. Every necklace features an easy on/off secure toggle clasp.

Mixed object necklaces

Mixed object necklaces are a lot of fun, because there are so many different elements that can be combined to create a cohesive piece. These necklaces incorporate resin, paper, handpainted clothing tags, belt buckles, rubber, mesh, you name it! Every necklace features an easy on/off secure toggle clasp.

Paper and canvas squares necklaces

Paper necklaces combine found items and materials, handpainted elements, and printed high-quality papers. The double-sided canvas squares necklaces are made of pieces from my canvas art wall hangings and floor cloths. Every necklace features an easy on/off secure toggle clasp.

Vintage button necklaces

Vintage buttons and buckles found a new home in these necklaces. Muted, earthy colors combine to create a rich, clean look that sits very well. Black chain with toggle clasp.